The essence of my father was as intricate as the tales he wove and the poetry he shared. I reminisce about my teenage years, when he stealthily left books of poetry on my bed or adorned our walls with printed excerpts, his subtle way of nurturing our souls.
After losing my mother, he embarked on a noble quest to give back to society, relocating to a distant region with a singular purpose: to uplift the lives of children and women. Tragically, news of his demise shattered our world, revealing that he had fallen victim to hired guns working for the very predators he sought to thwart.
These images try to encapsulate the essence of our guiding principles and the weight of our choices. The initial five images pay homage to my father's roots in Slovenia, depicting the lush landscapes and cultural richness that shaped his spirit. They serve as a poignant backdrop to his journey. The subsequent four images, captured just a day after his untimely departure, chronicle his final earthly footsteps, each frame laden with the gravity of loss and the resilience of his legacy.
This body of work is about the principles we follow and choices we make.
This body of work is part of the Joaquim Paiva collection, currently with the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro
Dimensions: 50 x 65cm / 20 x 25 inches
Silver emulsion painted over cotton rag paper